TGIF Time for a Date With Hubby

Friday seems to be the day that hubby and I take time out for our busy schedules (how on earth did it get that way when we're both supposed to be retired) and head for the movies and usually a bite to eat in one of our local restaurants.

Oh, I must confess, we always do a few errands while we're at it. Hubby likes to go to town, but I do not--unless it's for something fun.

The rest of the week I concentrate on writing my next work in progress and promoting the latest book. Right now, I'm letting people know about No Sanctuary the next in the Rocky Bluff P.D. crime series due out shortly from Oak Tree Press.

Of course I'm excited about it and I've been busy planning the promotion on the Internet and in person.

This series has an interesting history, this is the third publisher. It was inspired by my son-in-law, a 15 year veteran of the Oxnard P.D. He loved to tell me stories about what he did at work each night and he once took me on a ride-along.

It is situated in a fictional beach town, much smaller than Oxnard, located between Santa Barbara and Ventura, but still in Ventura county.

You can find out more about the series by going to

But for today, thank God it's Friday.



Helen Ginger said…
Fridays are good days! The problem with going on errands with my husband is that riding along with him to, say, Barnes & Noble morphs into Home Depot, the rock place, Best Buy, and The Natural Gardener. And none of them are quick stops.
This made me laugh! This has happened to me a lot too, Home Depot and Lowe's being his favorite places.


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