Yesterday hubby and I took the day off and headed to Visalia so we could use some movie tickets we received at Christmas time. Hubby's turn to choose the movie and he picked Valkyrie, the story about one of many attempts to assassinate Hitler near the end of WWII.

It's strange to watch a movie that you know how it will end--far surpasses the predictable ending because that one you only think you know how it will end while it's progressing.

I can remember back when we heard about the attempt. Because I was a young teenager, I doubt that it had much affect on me at the time. Though, thanks to newsreels at the movies, I know how awful Hitler was and all the bad things he was doing. Though at that time, I don't believe the world really knew how many Jews and others he'd killed in his concentration camps. I'm sure plenty of people were wishing someone would be able to assassinate Hitler.

The movie is well-done, showing how the plan could have worked, and why it failed.

Hubby and I discussed what we remembered about that time period over dinner, which we had out. When we got home we watched a taped episode of General Hospital--one of our secret loves--then were delighted to enjoy Friday Night Lights on TV.

What do we do when we don't take the day off? Hubby has all sorts of things he does, feeds inside cats and all the feral cats outside who've come to depend on him, our dog, does lots of maintenance on our old house, and right now is involved in the changing of two small bedrooms in one larger one for us so we can move our sleeping quarters downstairs.

I spend a lot of my day in front of the computer, writing, catching up on email, blogging, etc., but I also cook dinner every night, do the laundry, and other things that keep a household running.

Next week we'll probably take another day to go to the movies. I love movies. My dad worked in the movie industry as the head plumber for Paramount Studios. He came home with many tales about the stars (not always good.) We did go to the movies every Friday night, previews, two features, a comic, newsreels, and Keno--some kind of game sort of like Bingo where people in the audience won prizes.

That's it for today,



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