Contrast of Movies

We went to see Coraline, the 3D animated movie. Yes, we enjoyed it, though it would've been just as good without the 3D. Admission cost more because of the 3D glasses. Reminded me of a kind of scary children's book, but it was beautifully done--and hours and hours of work had to have gone into this movie.

When we came home, we had a new DVD from Netflix, 88 Minutes with Al Pacino. Wow! That was one intense movie. A mystery, my favorite kind. This is the kind of movie that even if you're sleepy, there's no way you will fall asleep.

Action packed and full of twists with the suspense mounting to a really surprising and intense climax.

I'm writing this on Friday, what has come to be our day off. Tonight we'll watch Ghost Whisperer and then Friday Night Lights. As you can tell, we both like contrasts.

Tomorrow, I'll be back at work on my latest--and probably do a bit more promo--but Friday was my day for fun.



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