Darn, I Missed A Day of Blogging!

I don't know what happened, I was sure I'd blogged yesterday, but it didn't show up--and I probably didn't do it.

Yesterday was a busy day. I had a doctor appointment in the afternoon so we decided to go to town and do a bunch of errands. The bank was first, then we headed to Smart and Final where I purchased some supplies for my physical book launch at the Springville Baptist Church. I'm going to decorate the room sort of like a police station--at least I'm planning to put up signs like Rocky Bluff P.D., Interrogation, Fingerprinting, etc. Using the colors from crime scene tape, the table cloths are black, napkins, dishes, cups, yellow. Hoping to get some crime scene tape from a friend.

From there we went to Office Max and picked up some more supplies, paper, and the kind of sticky stuff you can use to stick posters to the wall that won't leave any marks. Had two prescriptions to pick up. We ate lunch at Rosa's Italian Restaurant where an ex-daughter-in-law works and had delicious individual pizzas. Then we went to Target for some personal items. We had about 40 minutes to kill before my appointment so we stopped at McDonald's for our favorite flavored ice coffee.

We enjoyed them while waiting in the Doc's parking lot until time for me to go in. There I had to wait an hour before I saw the doc--learned it was time for another colonoscopy--oh joy, and he's going to also look at my esophagus at the same time, so I be having both ends checked out at the same time.

We came home, had dinner, and I did some computer work, but obviously forgot all about this blog.

But, that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.


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I didn't miss a day after all, just had it dated wrong.


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