Disaster While Reworking a Chapter

While writing my latest Rocky Bluff crime novel, I've gotten as far as Chapter 8.

But I realize that I've put in something far too soon, so my project for today will be taking that out and finding a replacement. I'll save what I wrote though because it does need to be there, just not yet.

As usual, I'm far too anxious to get to the most exciting parts of the story. I love writing the suspenseful, dramatic scenes.

As I was working on this, I got distracted by an email sent to me with a movie clip--showed it to my husband and then something horrible happened. What I was working on completely disappeared. Eight chapter in my new novel no longer existed on Word. I did a Search, nothing.

Frustrated and heart sick, I refrained from screaming and crying, though I certainly felt like it. I prayed. I felt if I couldn't find the chapters, I probably wouldn't rewrite. The notes I'd written for the previous chapters I'd thrown away which included some research items.

A light dawned. I have a long-distance back-up service, Mozy, and if I could figure out how to find the file on yesterday's back-up and then how to restore it, the day might be saved.

It took a lot of work, but I did find it and then finally figured out how to restore it. All eight chapters are back, just not what I added this morning. I can live with that.

Wow! That was truly scary.



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