In Love with My Blackberry but...

Anyone who knows me also knows I'm never without my Blackberry. I seldom use it for a phone--but receiving and sending email is wonderful. This is my second Blackberry--this one is red. My first one was blue. Why do they call them Blackberry?

With the first one, I thought it was magic. All the way in New York City (I live in California) my email came to me and I could answer it.

This new one is even better than the first one--Internet comes in better and I can get rid of emails either off the device or off the device and off the computer at home. (More magic.)

Guess what? I just got a new mini-laptop to take with me on trips. It's wireless so I should be able to get emails and post with it, keep up to date with my blogs and twitter (main reason I got it) and keep working on whatever manuscript I'm in the middle of. (I know never end with a preposition, but too bad, I'm in a hurry.)

Will I give up my Blackberry--heaven's no! I can peek at my emails during boring presentations at conferences (fortunately they aren't many of them), read and answer emails in the doctor's office (did that yesterday), and just peek at it anytime that I have to wait for something.

So now I have two loves--the Blackberry and the mini laptop. Oh dear!

Marilyn and that's where you can order No Sanctuary.


April said…
I've been wanting to get a blackberry for awhile. They would be so handy! I am so computer addicted, that it would be fun for emails. Some day I hope to get a laptop, but I think I have a better chance of getting the blackberry sooner than the laptop - too bad you can't take out 2 year contracts on laptops and get the good deals like you can with the phones, lol!
Kim Smith said…
Hey Marilyn! I have to pick your brain about a Blackberry. I am so due for a new gadget, it isn't funny. So... how do you get the internet on your BB and is it expensive?
you can use the blackberry as a modem for the computer and get internet access that way. Have fun.

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