Just When I Think I'm Caught Up...

Feeling proud of myself because I'd written a couple of blogs ahead of time and had the set to go on the right date, twittered, put a new comment on Facebook, edited the next book in the Rocky Bluff P.D. series and sent it off to the publisher--it's the 2010 offering, worked on the one that will follow a bit, did the laundry and other mundance tasks suddenly I realized there were some important things I need to do.

Every month I write the newsletter for the California Residential Services Association. I usually have it started by the middle of the month (now) and have gathered pertinent information to put in it. Haven't started, but do have some information, so tomorrow, working on that newsletter will be my first chore.

Of course, anyone who reads my blogs knows that I'm planning for my big launch for No Sanctuary the last Saturday of this month. I've made some flyers to mail out, they are in addressed stamped envelopes waiting for the time to get closer. I've given a book to the newspaper editor in hopes she'll put a review in the twice-monthly local paper, I've sent information to the next town's daily paper to put in their What's Happening section. Tomorrow I'm going to order cookies for the event from my favorite baker at our local coffee shop and put up a poster there, will put one in the post office and hopefully in the beauty shop window.

The first week in March, hubby and I will be driving to Las Vegas where we'll first visit my sister and her husband and then head to Henderson for Epicon. This is a convention for e-publishing. I know we'll be seeing some good friends we only see at this event and hopefully I'll be learning a lot more about promotion. I'll also see the publisher of my Deputy Tempe Crabtree series, Mundania Press and the publisher of my Christian horror novels, Lee Emory of Treble Heart Books, over the years we've become good friends.

This means I need to get wtih it to figure out what clothes to pack--clothing is an important part of any convention and how many books to take for the bookstore.

In order to keep up with blogs, tweets and such, I'm taking along my new wireless mini-laptop. Hope it works okay. Of course I'm never without my Blackberry to receive emails.

And--I have a Deputy Tempe Crabtree manuscript to edit one more time before sending it in.




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