Kindle, Amazon's e-book reader and Lingering Spirit

My new publisher, Oak Tree Publishing, put an old romance of mine on Kindle--and amazingly it was there in a matter of hours. Lingering Spirit, and be found here: A romance with a touch of the supernatural the story was based on a family tragedy. Of course I fictionalized it, but it is based on fact.

My daughter was married to a police officer who wanted to move where there was less crime and became a deputy in a mountain community where he was killed in the line of duty.

This son-in-law is the one who sparked my interest in writing about law enforcement and the people who serve. He loved to come to my house in the a.m. after his shift, have a cup of coffee and tell me what he'd encountered the night before. Because his own mother had deserted him and his brother when they were little children, I became a mother figure to him. Losing him was tragic to all who knew and loved him.

I do hope some folks with Kindle will read Lingering Spirit and enjoy it.



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