Learning to Juggle and TGIF

That's what it seems like I'm doing.

I've always had to juggle my writing life and my regular life. Now, the juggling is going on in my writing life.

Having to series going at the same time is interesting--can't think of a more descriptive word--though I could have used any of the following: terrifying, frustrating, mind-boggling. I'm sure you get the idea.

This is what I'm doing right now:

Working on the promotion for No Sanctuary. Books don't sell without promoting them.
Doing a lot of online promo and planning a book launch.

Doing edits on the next book in the Rocky Bluff P.D. series. It's done, I just need to check it before sending it off to my publisher at Oak Tree Press. And--I'm writing another in that same series. I have a great plot going and don't want to lose momentum while it's percolating in my brain.

In the mean time, my wonderful publisher is putting some books that I've gotten the rights back from the former publishers up on Amazon's Kindle. Before she does that, they need to be looked at one more time. That's what I did this a.m. That book is a romance with a touch of the supernatural, Lingering Spirit.

And I've made a commitment to do a new blog everyday--that takes time to. I don't want to just babble, I want to put up a blog someone might be interested in reading.

That's my juggling act and I hope I don't drop the ball.

And TGIF as this is the day hubby and I take off to be together, go to the movies, eat lunch out, and do a few errands.



Mayra Calvani said…
Thanks for the post, Marilyn. It looks you have your hands full. I agree doing a lot of promi is imp. to sell books. Thank God for the internet. I love doing online promo.
Cheryl said…
I think you need tweleve hands and at least ten more hours in a day to juggle all you have going on.

Best of luck.


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