LIfe Once Again Took Over

I'm determined to post every day. However, I had the opportunity Sunday to hop in the big SUV with my granddaughter Melissa and great granddaughter Carolyn to head up to Lake Don Pedro to see another granddaughter's Merenda) brand new baby! Of course I grabbed my nightie and a few essentials and went.

Melissa is an exciting driver--at times I felt like I was on Toad's Wild Ride.

I'm using everyone's first name because it gets to confusing with all the grands and greats. Melissa and Merenda are sister and their mom (my daughter, Lisa) was already there and had been for about a week helping out.

Merenda live in a brand new house that her husband built and what a house it is! A great pastoral view looking over grazing land, rolling hills and all the way to the valley. I hadn't seen the house before so I got the grand tour.

The baby, Jaslyn, is darling and very good...always nice with a first baby.

We had a great time gabbing, eating, more gabbing, oohing and ahhing over the baby. When it was time for bed, midnight, (haven't stayed up til midnight for years) Lisa and I retired to the guest bedroom, however sleep wasn't easy because the younger ones stayed up most of the night gabbing and playing and caring for the baby. Then the alarm rang at 6 a.m. for new daddy to get up for work.

Sleep deprived, we did a whole lot more gabbing and oohing and ahhing over the baby. We brought lunch in and then reluctantly left in the mid afternoon. Melissa and I talked all the way home (Carolyn slept) to make sure we didn't go to sleep.

It was fun and I'm glad I went.

Now back to work.



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