The Oscars/Little Slow This A.M.

What I'd most like to do when I come downstairs is get right to my writing. Instead, today I had to do some household chores and laundry.

When I downloaded my email, I saw that I had several things that needed tending. My wonderful Oak Tree Press publisher is putting some of my older books on Kindle and wanted a cover. I'm helping a fellow who is going to teach a class for residential providers spruce up the outline and he had a new one for me to look at.

I had a couple of posts that needed answers right away.

I'm presenting at Epicon (the conference for those who are electronically published) and the chairperson needed my handouts for the conference booklet.

And I suspect you've already guessed that I'm going to blame all this on the Oscars. Yep, I did stay up later than usual to watch them. I've always been a movie buff. Hubby and I try to go at least once a week, though sometimes there isn't anything we really want to see and in that case we watch whatever Netflix movies have arrived in our mailbox. (I have a penchant for weird movies--titles no on has ever head of, or foreign films--and we've some terrific ones, but also some that were awful.)

My dad worked for Paramount when I was growing up and we went to the movies every Friday night. I collected movie star autographs and cut photos of my favorites out of movie magazines and put them on my closet doors.

Unfortunately, this year I haven't seen many of the Oscar choices--and some of them I know I won't ever see. The winners last year didn't appeal to me at all. I've seen lots of movies last year I enjoyed, but hardly any of them made it to the Oscars.

It seems the winners have to be terribly sad movies with lots of angst. Or movies about people who aren't likable. Frankly, I'd rather laugh, cry and be entertained.

We loved Australia for instance...and we saw Mama Mia with our grown daughters who sang and danced down the aisles.

I like scary movies too, as long as they aren't too gory.

After saying all that, I still sat through the Oscars, enjoyed seeing the stars and their clothes, hated the political statements, don't think the Oscars are the place for such--movie stars don't have a clue--and thought the production itself was great. Hugh Jackman was terrific--who knew he could sing and dance?

Now, it's time to really get to work.



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