Religious Icons, a Nightmare and a Tasty Lunch

A good writer friend invited me to visit the religious icon art exhibit at the Porterville Museum with another writer and herself and go out to lunch.

I've been really swamped, but decided I ought to go just to take a break and I could do a couple of errands. The night before I dreamed I did all the errands but forgot to meet the ladies at the museum.

This is what really happened. The woman who invited me told me she and the other writer would arrive at the museum around 10:30. I did my errands and arrived at the museum on time. The only folks in the museum were the docents. I went ahead and started viewing the icons. Someone from the museum told me I had a phone call, it was the woman who'd invited me to say the other lady hadn't arrived yet. If finished enjoying the museum, looked at everything and the first woman arrived to tell me she didn't know what to do as the one we were waiting for hadn't arrived but she'd left a note on her front door. Her cell phone rang and of course that was the missing person.

Since I'd already seen the exhibit, we all went to lunch together first, I went home and the other gals returned to the museum.

We ate at a cute restaurant with good food that always puts alfalfa sprouts on their sandwich. Years ago I took a five-year-old granddaughter there for lunch and she ordered a tuna sandwich. When she saw the sprouts peeking out around the sides, she asked, "Grandma, what are those weeds doing in my sandwich?" She's now 18 and we still laugh about the "weeds."

Back to the religious icons: They were painted by local artists, but looked just like icons of old--quite beautiful. Explanations accompanied each one, telling what they represented: most were Bible scenes of familiar stories, or Mary and Jesus, but there were a couple of the angel Gabriel telling Mary that she would give birth to Jesus, and several of angels.

At lunch we talked about writing subjects, a book someone had written about her grandmother that was a serial killer, different poets, and mutual writer friends.

All in all it was an interesting afternoon.



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