Review of Rachel's Tears

Rachel’s Tears
Beth Nimmo and Darrell Scott

This is a reprint of the same book that came out after the tragic Columbine school massacre with some added interviews.

Though I read the book the first time it came out, watched lots of TV coverage, including talks given by her father after the shooting, the story of this young woman and her tremendous faith, brought me to tears once again. Losing a child is one of the most horrible things any parent can go through.

What Rachel’s Tears does is let the reader know what the parents and siblings experienced and felt during this excruciating ordeal. More important though, is what they found out about Rachel through her own words in her journals and from her friends.

This young woman’s faith was far stronger and more real than many adults who profess their Christianity. Through the few years she had on this earth, she touched many lives. Through her death, she touched many, many more.

Rachel’s Tears is well worth a second read. For teens growing up now, this would make an excellent gift.

Marilyn Meredith
Author of Kindred Spirits, a Deputy Tempe Crabtree mystery
and No Sanctuary, a Rocky Bluff PD Crime novel.


April said…
This sounds like an amazing book!

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