When to Take a Break

After all the problems we had yesterday which were finally resolved thanks to my handy hubby,last night I went to Bible Study--doing a great session on Esther and How Hard It is to Be a Woman. Most calming. Though it was pouring outside, it was nice and cozy in the house where the study was being held. Afterward, my granddaughter drove me hom.

Today I went to the bank and did some grocery shopping. Granddaughter Niki is here from Georgia with her two little ones and had to get some milk. Actually they are next door with my daughter-in-law, but they eat most meals over here. While traveling, Niki lost her ID, so that will have to be taken care of before she goes back home.

When I got home I finished my income tax which gave me a headache.

Pretty soon I've got to start thinking about our trip to Las Vegas. We're going to Epicon which actually is in Henderson NV--but we'll stay one night before and after the con with my sister. More about Epicon as it gets closer.

Received an e-mail from a writer friend I don't see much lately and she and another writer are going to visit the local museum on Thursday to view the icon art display and she asked if I'd like to join them and go to lunch afterward. My first instinct was to say no, but the more I thought about it, I decided it was about time to take a break from my computer, so I'm going.

But to kind of bring me back down to earth, my printer/fax had a blinking light that said the phone was off the hook. This fax isn't hooked to a phone--it has a separate line. Again I hollered for hubby. He has no computer savvy whatsoever, but he wiggled connections and the blinking message is no longer there.

Anyone wonder why I've been married to the man for 57 years?

Now I'm going to watch the tape I made of Medium last night.



Morgan Mandel said…
Sounds like our place. You never know what will go out next. Some of the stuff we just leave for a while, then finally give in and get it fixed.

Morgan Mandel

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