Working on Virtual Blog Tour

I know why I forgot to post on Tuesday and it wasn't merely because of going on errands all day.

Because I'm going on a virtual blog tour the month of March, I've had a lot of assignments to write articles for different blogs. Of course they all have to be different and unique--and sometimes it's hard for this old brain to come up with something that might be entertaining, instructive, and/or amusing. I worked on a couple yesterday evening--then I went to bed and watched NCIS and part of another show, but fell asleep. At 4 a.m. I was wide awake--and came downstairs and wrote two more articles that I'd thought of during the night.

So I'm blaming not writing a blog for Tuesday on just having too many other things to write.

Blog tours are fun, and it's amazing the kind of things the different bloggers want you to do.

Oh, and to add to my confusion yesterday, the copies of No Sanctuary that I ordered from the publisher arrived. They look great!

Now it's time to send copies out to reviewers.



April said…
Blog tours are great - I have so much fun with them! If you ever need a reviewer for anything, please let me know! Have a great day, Marilyn!

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