Afraid by Jack Kilborn (a review)

Oh my goodness! As I read Afraid by Jack Kilborn that phrase kept running through my mind.

This is the first book I’ve read all the way through in one sitting for years. The reason I couldn’t put it down was because one horrific thing happened after another and I had no idea how anyone was going to make it out alive.

People mistakenly believe that living in a small town is safe. The citizens of Safe Haven in Northern Wisconsin share this belief about their quiet haven with only one road in an out. The haven is shattered when a helicopter crashes in the woods unleashing an unspeakable force on the unsuspecting township. Annihilation seems to be the main purpose as the unsuspecting and simple folks are murdered by the most horrific ways with no explainable motive.

The story follows a widow and her young son who are running for their lives as well as their friends and neighbors. The odds are against all of them.

Labeled an horrific thriller, it is laced with mysterious elements–why is this happening? Who are these people? How on earth will anyone survive?

The story unfolds at such a fast pace, this reader absolutely couldn’t put it down until the end. If you love action that never lets up, a plot that keeps you guessing, wonderful characters in which to place your hope, and villains to hate–this book is for you. Warning: After reading Afraid, you’ll want to keep a flashlight and a weapon by your bed at night.

Marilyn Meredith a.k.a. F. M. Meredith


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