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I'm just finishing up my latest blog tour for No Sanctuary. This is the third tour I've been on arranged through

It's a lot or work, even when I don't have to find the blogs to visit myself. Each of the blog hosts has their own ideas for what you should do for them: might be an interview or a set bunch of questions to answer, an interview of one of your characters, writing tips, or any variety of tasks. Most will want a copy of the book so they can put a review on their site.

Because I've always wanted a book trailer, I've paid extra for that. This time the trailer was superior. It was obvious that Cheryl Maladrinos, my tour guide and the one made the trailer, had read the book. It's terrific and available on U-Tube under No Sanctuary and also on my website:

Do blog tours help? My number always go down on Amazon when I'm on a tour (that's a good thing) as a book begins with a number in the millions. If it get down to the low hundred thousands you know at least someone is buying your book. We'll see what that really means when I get my royalties.

Will I do another? Most likely. My next Deputy Tempe Crabtree mystery, Dispel the Mist, will be out this fall. I try to do as much to promote my books as I can.

My last two stops on this blog tour are today (Monday) and

Marilyn a.k.a. F. M. Meredith


Congratulations on winding up your tour, Marilyn. I'm just getting ready to start my tour for The Surest Poison. I need to buckle down and start writing articles.
Vicki M. Taylor said…
Marilyn, that's awesome that you could track your numbers on Amazon. How many blogs did you visit and for how many weeks?
Good luck with your tour, Chester!

Vicki, my tour was for one month, every day except weekends. It was great fun! (Love your photo!)


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