Day-to-Day Planning

Because I write so much about my book promotion I'm always having people make comments about how do I do it all. Book promotion is only part of my life--as I'm sure it is for any other author.

First and foremost comes my family. Because my husband is so good about hauling books for me, going with me to mystery conventions and conferences, driving me here and there, hefting luggage into overhead bins on airplanes--and sometimes even being on a panel. (He was on a panel of spouses of mystery writers at Mayhem one year and may be doing it again this year.)

We try to go out together at least once a week, sometimes to a movie and/or out to eat, and sometimes shopping together.

I have a huge family, five kids (though we lost one of our sons to cancer a few years ago), eighteen grandkids and eleven greats, I do like to spend time with them when possible.

One of my granddaughters who lives next door and during her grammar school and middle school years lived with us during the week because her parents wanted her to go to our great school here in the foothills is getting married next March. I've already got the date on the calendar so nothing else will interfere with it.

We're in the process of remodeling two downstairs bedroom in a bedroom for us (we are in a bedroom upstairs and my husband is having trouble with his knees and we know it's time for us to have a downstairs bedroom) and one of our grandsons and his friends (different ones varying on expertise and who is out of a job) are doing the work. (It's getting close and much easier and turning out better than our experiences with contractors and a kitchen and bath remodel and much cheaper.) Sometimes I have to cook lunch for these young men.

When we start moving all the stuff from upstairs down--I'll have to spend a lot of time working on that.

We have a daughter who lives nearby, hubby is our preacher. We like to take them out to eat once in awhile too.

Because we have two daughter who live in the area we moved from, I try to combine promotion events with visiting with them when possible.

Some of our grandkids are farther away and we're lucky if we see them once a year.

Like everyone else there are housekeeping chores and laundry to do as well as cooking and grocery shopping.

Guess what? I also have to squeeze in time to write. I'm editing one book and writing another.

Today, is a shopping day. I'll squeeze in some editing later.

And yes, I do make lists, couldn't make it without them.

Marilyn a.k.a. F. M. Meredith


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