Promotion and Personal

We spent Saturday in Camarillo visitng our youngest daughter, son-in-law, and granddaughter and while there watched the Wrestler, which I didn't like. Too brutal and too much other yukky stuff. Early in the a.m. we headed for Channel Islands Harbor and found our spot and set up our booth. Because we had the harbor on one side and the beach on the other, it was chilly most of the day.

There were plenty of people--the big draw was the Farmer's Market with the most gorgeous fruits and vegetables and strawberries the size of plums. I was a novelty with my books, but managed to sell quite a few, talked to lots of people and handed out many cards. Our eldest daughter, hubby and golden retriever arrived in the afternoon and sat with us and also helped us pack-up our booth when it was time.

We had dinner with all of the kids then went to the eldest daughter's home. We saw Slum Dog Millionaire which I liked and also watched The Amazing Race and Celebrity Apprentice.

Of course we did lots and lots of yakking, catching up on all the news.

Sunday we all had breakfast together.

Wednesday, while this is up, I'll be at the hospital having a procedure done. I'll be back on Thursday if all goes well.



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