Review of DVD for Very Young Children

The DVD and the Mystery of the Lost Mosquito Treasure is a cute cartoon featuring Hermie and Friends. When Skeeter’s “wonderful brother Sir Sinclair M. Skeeto comes to town, Skeeter is completely overshadowed. All of his friends look up to Sinclair as they set out on an adventure to find a treasure.

When it takes both Skeeter and his brother to unlock the secret of the treasure they both realize that each of them is unique and special in his own way.

The cute creatures and the outstanding acting of the talents behind the voices add to the lesson about each one of us being designed by God.

This story should hold the interest of pre-schoolers and could be used as a basis for a Sunday School lesson on what makes each one of us special.

Marilyn Meredith
Sunday School teacher of many years and author of the Deputy Tempe Crabtree mystery series.


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