Scavenger Hunt Contest

Hi, and welcome to BWL_Readers Grand Opening Scavenger Hunt. Your job, should you choose to accept it, is to follow this trail, collect the answers and then email them to me at Please put Scavenger Hunt in the subject line.

Each answer is clearly displayed in an excerpt, teaser or description on the designated websites listed below. Please DON'T post your answers online. We want everyone to do their own leg work. *smile* You'll have until April 30th at 12:00 noon to submit your entry to me at From the submissions, the winners will be selected and posted here on the loop. So...without further ado, get on your mark, get ready, Go hunt!

1.Dee Lloyd

In Dee’s book, Ghost of a Chance, read the review and tell me what offended Milly?

2. Rita Hestand

In Rita's book, Runaway Bride, what did Chad so when Susannah told him she was leaving?

3. Barbara Hodges

In Barbara’s, Stargazer’s Children, what did Strathus do to Jullianne before he began firing?

4. Lillie Ammann

In the excerpt from Lillie's, Stroke of Luck, how old is Debbie Hunt?

5. Ginger Simpson

In the Sarah’s Journey excerpt, what is the name of Grey Wolf’s horse?

6. Sheri McGathy

In Within the Shadow of Stone, what Clan does Bree belong to?

7. Marilyn Meredith

Marilyn lists her appearances on her site. Where will she be appearing on April 18th?

8. Jenna Kay Francis

In Jenna's Book Six - For the Love of Dragons - What stopped Pepin from kissing Nila?

9. Vijaya Schartz

In the reviews listed for Anaz Voohri, what word did Gina from Love Romances use to describe the story?

10. Maryann Miller

In the excerpt from Maryann's book, Play it Again, Sam, how is the pain Sam feels described?

11. Juliet Waldron

Juliet has a new book coming out called, Hand Me Down Bride. In the excerpt on her site, where does it say Sophie came from?

12. Anne Manning

In the excerpt of Anne's The Raven's Lady, what are the names of three heroes mentioned?

13. Frances Evlin

In Frances' excerpt for I, Spirit Kin, where is the stone hut located?

14. Elena Bowman

In Elena's excerpt from House on the Bluff, Abigial Pierce's legacy traces back to what century?

15. Jane Toombs

In Jane's blurb for Rebels Revenge, Barbara and Trevor share a goal. What is it?

16. Libby McKinmer

In Libby's description of Fox Hollow, what is the name of her dog?

17. Jude Pittman w/a Jude Atkins

In Jude’s romantic suspense, Anna’s Secret, where did Kelly find a body and whose?

18. Chester Campbell

In Chet's excerpt of Deadly Illusions, Greg gets drawn into an investigation. What is he investigating?

19. Maggi Andersen

On Maggi’s website, she lists books on the ‘drawing board.’ What is the name of her Victorian romantic suspense shown there?

Bonus Question & Possible tiebreaker

20. Visit Ginger's Blog at, read today's post and report back with the name of her upcoming release.

I sincerely hope you've had a good time exploring the sites of my wonderful peers here at BWL, and perhaps even found some new fodder to feed your reading addiction. I'm constantly amazed by the generosity of those authors who willingly participate in contests and donate their work as prizes. As an author myself, I know these giveaway copies do not come freely. If you happen to be a winner of one of the many books offered in this contest, I hope you'll take time to drop the author a line and thank him/her for making fun like this possible. If you enjoy the book, be sure and let them know, and tell your friends. There is no better promotion than a satisfied reader. Thanks for playing!


On behalf of BWL


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