Virtual Book Tour Dates

Because I'm leaving for Henderson NV on Wednesday, I'm posting the places I'll be on my virtual book tour for the time that I'm gone.

March 4
March 5
March 6
March 9

I'm hoping that the hotel will have wifi as I'm taking my new mini-laptop with the intention of using it to continue with the promotion of No Sanctuary
and to work on my book in progress.

To be perfectly honest, since we're spending the first day and night in Las Vegas with my sis and hubby, I know I won't be doing--or want to be doing--much then. Because Epicon is so much fun and I have made so many friends with other authors over the years that I know will be there, I doubt I'll be doing much in the way of writing--but you never know.

That's about it for now, lots more to do before I'm ready to leave for Las Vegas. And, no, I will not be tempted to gamble while I'm there. I can't figure out how to use the machines. Liked it back in the old days when you just put money in and pulled the lever down.



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