Wrinkles and How They Got There

Hubby just called out a 1-800 number to call to get a free trial package of something that will get rid of wrinkles. I told him, "Thanks, but I earned everyone I've got."

Here's how they came about:

Having a husband who had three tours in VietNam.
Taking care of five kids while husband was gone--and when he came home.
All the problems that come with five kids as they are growing up.
Nursing kids through all their childhood diseases and broken bones.
Working as a telephone operator, pre-school teacher, day care center teacher, having our own residential care business.
Kids falling in love and getting married.
Writing and trying to get published
Planning and paying for weddings
Arrival of grandkids.
Writing and trying to get published.
Parents getting old, coming to live with us, getting ill and dying.
Raising various grandkids at different times for different reasons.
Getting published.
Publisher dying.
Grandkids getting married.
Another publisher dying
Great grandkids arriving.
Family problems.

And that's just an overview.

I earned my wrinkles and I'm keeping them.
Have super publishers now.



That's a new wrinkle on the situation.

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