And On the Personal Side

The cute little girl with the puppy is my granddaughter Jessica (we call her Jessi) a few years back. Now Jessi is all grown up and in love. She and her beau Juan are planning their wedding.

We've had Jessi around us since her birth. While she was going to grammar school through eighth grade, she stayed with us during the week as the school in our mountain community was much better than the one where she lived with her folks. She and her folks moved into our little house next door by the time she graduated and they all still live there.

We had slumber parties at our house for her birthdays. She asked me to come to every class and talk about writing. (Same kids, new teacher each year so would have to talk on different subjects.) We went to her soccer games in middle school and high school.

When she started high school she met Juan. At first she wasn't interested, though she did go to a couple of formal dances with him. When he started coming to church every Sunday and then helping her with the Sunday School class she teaches, it was obvious the relationship had become more than a friendship.

Juan and Jessi are now going to college together. He proposed to her, she accepted. He made a formal announcement in church that they are now engaged. Everyone clapped.

Jessi is busily planning for the nuptials--her father is groaning about the cost. Grandpa and I can't believe that our little granddaughter is all grown up.

We have other grandchildren who've already gone through this milestone--but every time it's been the same--where did the years go?

a.k.a. F. M. Meredith


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