Earth Day Thoughts and My Sarcastic Views

While Earth Day was being celebrated, I thought about the people who were telling all of what we ought to be doing to "Save the Planet." Oprah had a program with all sorts of tips. My first thought was, "And what pray tell is Oprah herself actually doing to save the planet." I suppose her answer might be, "Through my very popular television show, I'm letting people know what they ought to be doing." Okay.

President Obama and his wife, Michelle, had a vegetable garden put into the White House lawn. Whoopee! I can't quite see Mr. President and his Mrs. out there wedding the garden. Oh, I'm sure they'll show their girls how to do this and that, but the back-breaking, sweat inducing real work that it takes to care for a vegetable garden? I don't think so.

What about all these movie stars who rant and rave about what "we" ought to be doing and have two or three private airplanes to fly wherever they want to go? I never have figured out why people think movie stars have any great insight into anything. Most of them can't even have a relationship with someone for any length of time. The majority have few or no morals and we're supposed to listen to their advice about anything? But people do, isn't that amazing?

Don't get me wrong, I'm doing my part. I changed every light bulb in my house to those funny-shaped ones (to be honest, my husband did it), and we put solar panels on our roof. Of course, we did that to lower our electric bill. We do have bags to put our groceries in--though sometimes I forget to take them inside the store. I recycle water bottles--our well water is far superior to the city water that's been bottled from city water no matter what the label says. I use plastic sacks to line my waste baskets. When possible, I reuse zip lock bags.

I just get tired of people who are using up far more of the world's resources than me or any of my friends, telling me what I ought to do.

That's how I feel and I'm not backing down.

a.k.a. F. M. Meredith


Darden North said…
Hi Marilyn,
I was looking for Chester Campbell's article on writing dialogue in fiction on your blog but found your discussion on Earth Day instead. As I sit here in a grounded plane on the runway in Austin, TX, that wasted no doubt lots of fuel circling due to bad weather,I found your comments refreshingly to-the-point. Thank you for your candidness.
Darden North
"House Call," Points of Origin," "Fresh Frozen"

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