Hanford Book Fest Huge Success!

I've done a lot of book festivals and fests and you never know how they will turn out.

Sometimes the people who come are not the least bit interested in buying books. Sometimes the organizers haven't taken important details into account. Sometimes the event it outside and the weather discourages visitors. Sometimes the venue is far too small for the number of authors.

And sometimes everything is perfect! Such was the Hanford Book Fest. Fantastic for a first time event. It was inside, the room was large, though not many people came but more than I expected, they seemed to be interested in the books and purchased some.

Sunny Frazier (who spear-headed the whole thing) and the Hanford Libary and the woman who is in charge of the Veteran's Center and the vets who volunteered and helped out in so many ways are all to be commended.

And what a variety of authors and books! It was fun just to walk around and look at the books and talk to the authors.

Though I wasn't happy about having to drive somewhere again, it wasn't as difficult today because I had two friends with me, Shirley who runs our critique group, and Lisa, a new member who jumped right in and helped out with the event.

We all had a great time--oh, and I got to see folks I haven't for awhile. Bonnie Hearn Hill was there with her husband. Sue McGinty, dressed in her nun's habit, sat next to me and we had a good time visiting. There were many, many others too numerous to mention but I delighted in seeing them again.

And today I work on my book!

Marilyn a.k.a. F.M. Meredith


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