Mary Higgins Clark and Other Famous Writers

Over the years I've met several authors who fall into the category of Best Selling and Famous.

Probably the one who falls into the category who has the most recognizable name is Mary Higgins Clark. I met Ms. Clark for the first time when I attended my very first mystery conference. It was held in a camping center with rather primitive accommodations. We did have rooms that you had to share and not necessarily with someone you knew--there were only a certain amount of beds. My sis and I shared our room with a stranger who wasn't at all happy. The ground was uneven and sensible shoes were needed.

No one bothered to tell Ms. Clark what the area was like. Her clothing was what you'd expect someone to wear in a much classier environment. She had dressy outfits, wore nylons and high-heeled shoes. Despite this, which I knew must've made her uncomfortable, she was a nice and approachable as could be. It was a small conference and everyone had the opportunity to get to know her.

Years later, I attended a cocktail party the night before the Edgar awards. She was there with her then fairly new husband. I told her who I was and where we'd met and she acted like we were good friends and immediately introduced me to her husband. We chatted for a few moments before I left. I know she couldn't possibly have remembered me after all these years, I used to be much thinner than I am now and not near the wrinkles.

What was interesting about her, she looked terrific. Her hair was a lighter color, quite becoming, and she had a glow about her. (New marriage I suspect.)

Jan Burke is another friendly and down-to-earth person. My first meeting with her was right here in Springville when the Friends of the Springville Library brought her in to speak. A couple of my Fresno Sisters-in Crime friends came all the way to meet her and buy her latest book. I saw her off and on at mystery conventions and she was always friendly. One year at Mayhem in the Midlands, her husband, my husband, and Wm. Kent Krueger's wife sat on a panel and told what it was like being married to an author. Funny stuff!

Ran into J. A. Jance in the hall of a hotel one day and she told me what promotion works best for her. (I'd met her previously at a SJ Sisters in Crime meeting.) She's another author who is always friendly.

Wm. Kent Krueger writes terrific books and he's also a super nice guy. I met him first at Mayhem in the Midlands and have seen him at several Bouchercons. Always friendly.

Now, on the other hand, there are some famous and not so famous authors who do not fall into the friendly category. I won't mention names, but no matter how often they see you there is nary a sign of recognition--and you're lucky if you'll even see a smile. These authors have their little gathering of pals and they are the only ones that they seem to want to be around. Not the way to get fans who will buy your books.

I'm not a famous best seller--but I hope I'm always friendly to anyone who wants to speak with me. I might not remember names, but I always remember faces.

a.k.a. F. M. Meredith


Marilyn, it was a pleasure meeting you at the festival. Look forward to your next book.
Cheryl said…
Nice post Marilyn. It's always great to read impressions of bestselling authors from people in the business.

I hope you had a fun time at the LA Book Festival.


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