My Take on the Economy

Yes, I know the country is in bad shape. Making money to help it certainly isn't the answer.
Talking about how bad it is, isn't either.

Instead of looking at the glass half empty, we should start looking at it half full.

We've been through all this stuff before. During the 2nd World War my mom never put her money in the bank--she and dad came through the depression and didn't trust banks. She kept her money in a secret hiding place instead. She managed to save enough for them to buy a house.

She was always frugal. Never spent a dime unless it was needed. She taught my sister and I how to sew. We made some of our clothes and so did she. When we wanted something she didn't think we needed, we bought it with our own money that we earned babysitting.

Most of the companies that are in trouble did it to themselves by paying their top people huge bonuses that they certainly didn't earn. The automakers made far too many cars--who on earth did they think would buy them all?

Too many companies are using the economy as an excuse to weed out employees or make them work far more hours than they should.

And yet, one Saturday night we decided to splurge and went to eat at the Red Lobster and guess what, the parking lot was so full we had a hard time finding a place to park. The restaurant was packed. On our way home I decided to check out the parking lots of other restaurants, they were all full too. H'mmm.

I've been checking out the parking lots of all the restaurants whenever I got to town, the nice places and the fast food joints--none of them seem to be hurting for customers.

Let's change our attitudes about the economy--think positive, talk positive and see what happens.

As an aside, no I'm not wealthy, my husband and I live on his retirement from the service and Social Security. I am not a best selling author, though I do make a few bucks on my books which I use up and more on the promotion.



31months said…
Amen! Of course, my brother says I not only see the glass half full, I see it overflowing. But it sure makes life more enjoyable!

Lorna Collins
You are my kind of friend--as you already know!

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