Photos from San Joaquin Sisters in Crime Meeting

Top photo is of the infamous Henry Hill of GoodFellas fame. Despite his gangster pass, he's now reformed and quite a nice guy. Enjoyed listening to his stories and visiting with him over lunch.

Next photo is of good friend Denny Griffin, retired New York police officer, who started rubbing elbows with the "bad guys" after he started writing the history of the Las Vegas P.D. and needed to do some research into the gangsters who invaded the city.

As you can tell by the first photo, we had a huge crowd at this Sisters in Crime meeting--mostly women though we do have a few Mister Sisters. Denny actually belongs to the Las Vegas chapter of Sisters in Crime.

I took these photos with my Blackberry and had a terrible time getting them from the phone to my computer so I could put them on this blog.

Now back to my normal life.



Morgan Mandel said…
I should not look at your blogs before dinner. Now I'm even more hungry!

Glad you had a good time.

Morgan Mandel

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