A Quick Preview of Tomorrow's Blog

Today is one of "those" days. Had planned to have a great blog from guest Rob Walker about planning a triology.

Since both of us are a tad disabled when it comes to putting photos and book covers on blogs, I haven't been able to get the covers of all three books in the triology that he's writing about. If I still can't by tomorrow, I will be putting that most interesting blog up tomorrow.

As for today, I have a doctor's appointment. I'll get some reading done as I always have to wait at least an hour at the doc's.

Also, I read another wonderful book this weekend, not a mystery, Saffron Dreams, about a Muslim woman, her life in Pakistan, her marriage, her move to New York, and how 9/11 totally changed her life. It's a wonderful book with insights into a culture must of know nothing about.

The author is Shalia Abdullah and the book was published by Modern History Press. By the way the cover is absolutely gorgeous.

Remember, tomorrow a very special blog.

Marilyn a.k.a.


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