Sitting Between A Reformed Gangster and a Retired Cop's Wife

What a fun day! Besides getting to see lots of old friends I met Henry Hill of GoodFella's fame. In the movie, Henry was played by Ray Liotta. The movie and book by the same name are about Henry's three decades in the Mafia.

He gave a speech about how he became a gangster beginning as an errand boy when he was a kid. Of course he spent time in prison, but used that time to get an education. It is obvious he does regret some of the things he's done--and he's definitely reformed.

One of my grandson's argued with me that Henry Hill wasn't a gangster, he was a mobster. He thinks of gangsters as being the low-life's who belong to gangs now and stake territories. The gangs of earlier times also staked out territories, but have you ever tried arguing with a young person?

This is why I love Sisters in Crime--gives me an opportunity to meet people I never would have any other way.

The retired cop, Denny Griffin, who I wrote about yesterday, became friends with Henry because of his research into all the mob activities in Las Vegas that he wrote about in his books.

These two men were a great draw--the room was packed, more tables and chairs had to be set up. Several people drove over from the Central Coast Sisters in Crime. Three of my favorites were Sue McGinty, author of Murder in Los Lobos, Mary Moses (author of many books) and Karen Kavanaugh, book publisher.

For an old lady, I sure do have some "cool" experiences.

a.k.a. F. M. Meredith


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