Yosemite Romance Writers and Crazy Drivers

Yesterday I went to the Yosemite Romance Writers meeting and together we brainstormed about writing a romantic suspense. They came up with three very good ideas, complete with sleuth, side-kick or romantic interest and ideas for the crime and/or murder victim. We also talked about what had to be in a mystery to make it a mystery, as well as all the different genres.

It was a lot of fun for me as well as the members. What a friendly bunch--with one male attendee who is a new member.

We had a lovely lunch, what else at Marie Callendar's, complete with yummy pie for dessert, and they bought a lot of my books--always a good thing for an author.

The only drawback was driving to Fresno--not my favorite thing to do, but the traffic wasn't bad, even though everyone thinks they need to drive 80 plus miles an hour. And there were the few crazies on the road mostly after I go home and was driving on a two-lane rural road--one nut who kept passing over the double line even when cars were oncoming.

I learned my lesson on one of those two lane roads when I got a $300 ticket for speeding, no reckless passing, and I and the CHP were the only two vehicles on the road. I set my cruise control now.

Marilyn a.k.a. F. M. Meredith


You think driving to Fresno is bad? Try driving in Fresno on a regular basis.

One early morning I was on the 180 on my way to school and work at Fresno City College when some idiot (sorry, but that's what he or she was) couldn't decided whether they wanted to take the 41 north to Yosemite or south to Hanford. So, this individual just stopped in the middle of the lane, in the middle of the freeway, until the decision was made.

No, really. I could see the head turning back and forth as he or she looked back and forth between on sign and the other.

Then the car drove off...I was so astounded that I can't recall which way the driver decided to go.

It was a good thing that it was early, there wasn't much traffic, and I was paying attention.
The worst drivers are in Las Vegas. They cut across three lanes to exit. If you leave any space at all between you and the car in front of you, a big Hummer will grease his bumper and squeeze in.

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