Last Day at Home for Awhile

Since we're taking off in the early a.m. to go to the airport, I probably won't be writing a blog tomorrow--though I may write one today that will appear tomorrow.

I'm already packed, hubby is upstairs packing now. It's still early and not too hot up there--we don't have air conditioning and since the weather has been hovering around 100, anything done there needs to be done quickly. So you don't think we roast at night, we have a wonderful window fan that brings in the cool breezes from the river down below us.

I've done all the laundry and plan to spend the majority of the day working on the ghost writing project I've been busy with for awhile.

This evening though, we must watch the results of Dancing With the Stars. This is the first time hubby has watched this with me and he's actually enjoying it--and I'm enjoying his company.

I'm taking my mini-computer with me so will be reporting on Mayhem in the Midlands from day to day.



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