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Now I can tell you who exactly was in the photo yesterday--Jan and Time Burke, Jessica and Sean Doolittle, Andy Butler and Zoe Sharp, Hap and Marilyn Meredith, John and Radine Nehring.

The panel the spouses were on was called: Marriage is a Mystery: Meet the Spouses.

Sally Fellows, one of the organizers of Mayhem, moderated and had some great questions for our spouses.

Here are some tidbits of what we learned:

Tim Burke said, "I like to hear what Jan writes before anyone else does."

Jessica Doolittle said, "When Sean becomes more secretive about his writing it means he's stuck."

Andy Butler said, "I can read pages over her shoulder." (They share an office. He's a writer of non-fiction.)

Hap said, "All is well as long as I'm quiet and don't interrupt."

John said, "He travels with Radine to places she might set a book and takes photos for her."

Other interesting tidbits we learned was from Tim, that when Jan is creating, what she's doing is all over the place. She loves research.

Jessica revealed that Sean often leaves a glass of water by the computer and the cat invariably spills it.

Tim worries about Jan's privacy.

Andy says there's no place to get rid of bodies.

John has no clue as to how much time is spent on writing and promotion. (John and Radine have been married years and years like we have.)

None of the other couples have any children--and for some reason Hap didn't mention that our lives are filled with our offspring: 5 children, 18 grandchildren and 11 great-grands. Not sure if he forgot or just didn't think it was important to impart the information.

It was definitely a fun panel

In case you don't know who Zoe Sharp is an internationally acclaimed crime thriller author, and was the International Guest of Honor.

Dana Stabenow was the guest of honor who has written 25 novels, including 15 Kate Shugak mysteries, set in Alaska.

The panels I participated in were Not Just a Royalty Check: What you Need to Know About Being Published. Radine moderated and the other panelists were Jim Overturf and Richard Thompson

and Off the Beaten Path: Exotic Locales and Cultures, moderated by Gary Bush (a special Mayhem friend), Michael Allan Mallory and Suzanne Arruda.

The panel I moderated was called Causes and Casualties: Issue Driven Fiction with panelists, Radine, Mary Connealy, and C. Hyytinen.

Other special people (special to me in that they are people I consider friends) at the conference were Carl Brookins, Pat Dennis (one of the funniest women I've ever met), Wm. Kent Krueger,Mary Jane Maffini, Ann Parker,and David Walker.

It was a great conference. Tomorrow I'll write about what I learned about forensics.

Marilyn a.k.a. F.M. Meredith


sara said…
Sean and Jessica have two kids, a boy and a girl. It was a great panel at a great conference. It was so good to see both you and Hap, as always!
Of course, I should have remembered that about Sean and Jessica.

The first day at Mayhem I came down with a cold, started taking Dayquil in the daytime, Nyquil at night and it worked--but made my brain fuzzy.

Loved spending time with Sara and her mom--two of our favorite people.


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