New Review at Books Bytes for No Sanctuary

Three ½ Paws
No Sanctuary

"F. M. Meredith’s Rocky Bluff series set in California falls somewhere between police procedural and the character importance and lighter reading more typical of the cozy. Police officer Stacy Wilbur has a five year old son and lives with her parents. Her love interest is homicide detective Doug, who shares a house with another cop Gordon. Gordon’s enthusiasm for the job leads him to funny encounters and provides comic relief. Sgt. Abel Navarro deals with his own home situation. The varied family life of each officer adds a lot of interest to the story.

Stacy finds a car that has hit a tree. Inside, a woman's body that is eventually recognized as the wife of a local clergyman. She has been shot. Investigation turns to a second minister and wife. Are these couples swingers or is something else involved here?

Other crimes are being investigated as well, and as a result of her work on a special investigation, Stacy is offered a promotion. Meredith offers an interesting look at police work from the viewpoint of the individuals involved.

Shirley - RAM at Books Bytes"

It's always interesting to see how a book I've written is perceived by a reader and/or reviewer.

Marilyn a.k.a. F.M. Meredith


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