Pictures from Mayhem

One of the panels that drew the most people and got the most laughs was the panel with the spouses of writers.

My husband and good friend Radine Trees Nehring's husband were on that panel along with Jan Burke's husband and others.

All my notes are in the luggage which didn't come home with us.

In case you haven't read my tweets and other postings, we were stranded in the Denver airport because of weather overnight. We could not get a plane to Bakersfield the next day either so had to fly into Fresno. Our son-in-law, God bless him, drove our other car all the way up there to fetch us, then drove us to Bakersfield to get our car.

So glad to be home.

When and if my notes arrive I'll have lots more to say about Mayhem, which was wonderful as usual.



Pat Browning said…
Love the photos and the spouses' comments, Marilyn. Sounds like you had a wonderful conference (except for the travel mess).

Pat Browning

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