Proms, Grandchildren, After Hours Parties

I'm on Facebook with several of my grandchildren. It's fun to see most of the photos they put up (once in awhile there's one that makes me shudder) and see what they're up to these days.

One grandson has started his own construction business with a friend in Seattle and today he put up a message that he needed a bookkeeper. Makes me think the business is going okay. His brother is a rookie cop in Aspen Colorado and has put picture up of his windshield when driving through snow. Their little sister is the one I want to mention here.

She is sixteen, gorgeous, and going to her first prom. At first her messages were all about how excited she was to be going. Then I saw message that said, "I'm bummed." I asked what was wrong and she said there is going to be an after prom party at some guy's house and everyone is going--but her mother won't let her go.

I wrote and told her I though her mother was pretty smart. Among other things, I told her that there would be plenty more parties to go to, probably better than this one.

I raised three girls a long, long time ago, and it was scary enough back then. But they didn't have all night parties back in those days.

I was pleased to see that her step-sister who is seven years old got on there and said that I was right, and that she was glad her four parents (mom, step-father, father, step-mother) had been strict with her.

Knowing kids, she probably thinks we're both looney.

All anyone has to remember though is the lovely young girl who went to the island with her senior class and didn't come home. The consensus is she was probably sold for a sex slave. I'm sure her mother wishes now she'd never given permission.

And did you see the movie "Taken"? That's another strong case for not letting your kids do everything they want to do.

Of course we can't protect our kids all the time, but we can use common sense. Sixteen is too young to go to an after the prom party at some guy's house.

She's probably put me in the same class with her mom, but one day she'll have her own kids to worry about, then she'll understand. For right now, mom has done the right thing.

Hope she puts all that aside and just has fun at the prom.

a.k.a. Grandma


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