Reality TV

This is a confession--I do watch some reality TV. Most of the ones that I watch have concluded for the season.

Survivor ended on Sunday. I've watched faithfully since the very first one. Not always does the person win who I think should, but this time it turned out perfect. The fellow who was sure he had everyone doing what he wanted was fooled, and the young hillbilly who turned out to be much smarter than he looked, won the million dollars and he deserved every penny. He out played and out foxed everyone.

Dancing with the Stars ends tonight (I'm writing this on Tuesday because I'll be flying to Omaha tomorrow) so I don't know the results yet. The three finalists all deserve to be there. I think the judges have a favorite--we'll see how the fans vote.

Amazing Race is another one that recently ended. The best couple (brother and sister) won and they deserved it. At first they didn't play the game too well, but finally figured out what they were doing wrong and off they went. Besides being fit and having a lot of stamina, the player need to read the directions all the way through and do exactly what they are told to do. That's one of the big secrets to not getting into trouble.

I have a married granddaughter who wants to go on the Amazing Race with her husband. They are waiting until their youngest son is old enough to leave with his grandma and grandpa. (My daughter and son-in-law.) I hope the show lasts long enough for them to do it.

And the last one I watch that is all over now is Celebrity Apprentice. I can't believe how dump and uncooperative and in Joan River's case, mean, these celebrities can be. It sure give you a different view of people who are in the spotlight and are given a challenge and ought to work with their teammates, but don't seem to know how to do that.

I usually read during commercials so I don't fall asleep. Doesn't always work.

My eldest daughter and I always discuss these shows via email after each episode, adds to the enjoyment.

What I don't watch is the Biggest Loser or any show where people end up getting hurt. During the summer, sometimes I watch Big Brother--though not every single night.

I do all my writing during the daytime. And of course, sometimes I don't watch TV at all when something more interesting is going on.

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