Sorry, Can't Do What I Promised

Yesterday, I promised to write what some of the authors at Mayhem revealed about themselves, but my notes have disappeared.

I think there must be gremlins in my office. Or part of it is age. Hubby and I keep misplacing things--hubby always blames it on whoever might have been visiting (kids or grandkids), I prefer to think it's gremlins.

In all honesty though, I suspect it is what I said first, we misplace things and can't remember where we put them.

In my case I have notes all over my office for my ghost writing project and my own work in progress, the materials I'm taking with me to the Public Safety Writers Association conference (because I'm the program chair) and some of the new items I've purchased for our bedroom that we are supposedly moving into next week. (I'll believe it when it happens.)

Perhaps as the piles diminish around me, I'll come across my notes.

In any case, this is all you're getting for today.



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