The Start of the Day and My Life in General

I've been arising very early the last couple of weeks--one thing because our bedroom faces East and the rising sun wakes me. Also, I'm in the middle of an exciting ghost writing project and am anxious to get to it every day.

Yesterday, I'd gotten to a stopping point in that project, and wrote about five pages on my own book. It's at the most exciting point and it's hard not to work on it. My allegiance has to be to the ghost writing project at this time though. I'm not under deadline for my own book--though I would like to finish it this summer.

In the evening I went to my regular Bible Study--was wonderful. We're studying David and the three other women who were there last night are so spiritual and refreshing to be around. When I came home I watched Dancing With the Stars and then Medium. By evening time my brain is mush so don't like to do any big projects. Though I did spend some time sticking 2 cent stamps on already stamped envelopes.

Because I've been trying to blog every single day, I know I have to do this right away too. When I first got up, I opened all the windows downstairs to air out the house--but I'll have to shut them soon as the temperature is going up, I can already feel it.

Now, it's time to go back to work.



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