Today is a Goof Off Day

We don't take many of these days where we leave the house to do something fun. Today our plan is to take in a movie and have lunch in our favorite Thai restaurant.

If you've been reading my blog regularly, you know we went to L.A. last weekend to attend the L.A. Times Book Festival on the UCLA campus. Despite the fact we were away from home and ate our meals out, it was anything but goof off time. Because I had signing times both days, it meant traipsing down the hill from the parking garage to the festival itself (not easy when hauling books), finding the signing spot(s) and being there at the right time. And of course, going back up the hill to the parking garage, still hauling books--though a few were sold each day.

On Monday, company arrived--eldest daughter and son-in-law. They were here for three days and yes, that was goof off time too--but I had to squeeze in the "have-tos" on the computer, doing a bit of laundry and cooking a few meals.

We did eat out a couple of times. Once at a new barbecue place someone had told me about. Another hole-in-the-wall place--if one is brave enough to try these, you can often find a gem. Two young Hispanic men are doing this one. The barbecued chicken was great as were the beans and corn on the cob. Then our kids treated us to lunch another day at Coffee Etc., one of our favorite places in our home town. The food is all homemade and hubby says their Rueben sandwiches are the best anywhere. He is an expert on Rueben's having eaten them all over the country.

We enjoyed spending time with the kids. I should stay home and write, but we both feel the need to escape for a day since we know our weekend will be hectic.

So that's what we'll be doing today.

Marilyn a.k.a. F. M. Meredith


Turns out we won't be doing that after all, grandson has promised to come and clean house for us, so I'll be staying home and writing.


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