The TV Show Medium

Medium is one of my favorite shows on TV for several reasons.

I love the supernatural aspect of the stories--the writers do a great job of coming up with new ideas each week.

The main character looks like a real woman, one who might be your neighbor or the gal down the street. Her teeth on perfect, she's bit on the plump side, and though she's nice looking, she's not a raging beauty.

She and her husband love one another. He puts up with a lot--but continues to support her because he understand her gift--which sometimes seems to be more like a curse. He's pleasant looking, but not certainly not a handsome leading man type.

They have a family that looks like it might really be theirs. None of the children are perfect specimens though certainly healthy looking. The two oldest girls are good actors. The youngest not so, but she looks like a real kid, a bit gangly and wears glasses.

The show does a great job portraying a woman with a sometimes troubling ability who has a family that is often affected by this ability. And added to the mix, the oldest daughter has inherited her mother's psychic ability and it's being displayed in sometimes frightening ways.

If you haven't watched it before, give yourself a treat. It's on Monday nights at 10.



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