Writers of Kern

Yesterday I was the speaker for the Writers of Kern, the Bakersfield Chapter of the California Writers Club. Though I am a member I don't often attend the meetings unless I've been asked to speak. I enjoyed seeing all of these people, but it's an hour and a half drive and when I'm promoting a book--which I've been doing since January, I limit what I'm doing to places where I'm speaking or selling my books.

I spoke about electronic publishing, something I'm really familiar with because I've been e-published long before there was any way to read an electronically published book except on a computer. Things have changed greatly since that time, there have been many e-readers offered including the iPhone--and now with the advent of Amazon's Kindle, more and more people are accepting the idea of reading electronic books. Actually, the words are the same as in any other book, just read on a different device.

I know I've talked about e-publishing to this group before, but they asked to come and talk about this topic, and they were definitely more accepting this time. I have a three page hand-out I use with the talk, and I saw people writing notes on it.

My books were purchased--I only took my two latest, Kindred Spirits and No Sanctuary
. Afterwards, hubby and I went to a nice restaurant for lunch.

It was a good day.

a.k.a. F. M. Meredith


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