Another Super Review for No Sanctuary

As seen on DorothyL:

What a fabulous book by F. M. Meredith (Marilyn). I enjoyed the
characters (esp. main one, Police Officer Stacey Wilbur), as well as
the intriguing story and the atmosphere of Rocky Bluff,
California. Officer Wilbur comes upon a one-car wreck when she's on
patrol and discovers the body of a local minister's wife in the
car. Further investigation reveals the woman did not die in the
wreck. She was shot. Without making either devout Christians or
non-believers squirm, Meredith takes us into the lives of two
pastors and their wives, two churches, one a mega-church with a
charismatic pastor, the other a now smaller church in the same
town. (This smaller church had the most attendees until charismatic
pastor came to town.) Lots of sanctimony to go around, and
believable situations, including a pastor's secretary so devoted and
protective of her "boss" that she's obnoxious to everyone else and
hence, becomes one of the suspects.

I enjoyed the "real life" feeling and the suspense, which kept me
wondering "who dun it" to near the end. I also enjoyed the wonderful
personality development, the emotions, and definitely the unfolding
story of Stacey and her police detective boyfriend. With varying
shifts and long hours of duty, will those two ever get together?

Marilyn Meredith creates marvelous characters and stories. Her Rocky
Bluff series is new to me (I bought NO SANCTUARY at Mayhem in the
Midlands) and I'm not sure but what I like it even better than the
Tempe Crabtree series...and again, maybe not. Whatever. I
certainly look forward to continuing in both series!

Radine Trees Nehring
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Great review, Marilyn. Radine does a good job.

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