Be Careful With Your Emails!

I wrote something so insensitive and hurtful in an email, I can't believe it. I won't go into it, it's enough to just say I didn't think before I wrote and fired off actually too things about someone that went right to him because the original post cc'd him and others.

I'm humiliated, upset, and of course I've apologized--I hope he and all the other who read it will accept my apology--but won't be surprised if they don't. I certainly know better.

In light of what's been going on on one of the lists I'm on, you'd think I'd have sense enough not to write anything like that to anyone.

I could come up with all sorts of excuses, I'm old, I'm tired, trying to do too much both physically and mentally--but none of it excuses being insensitive and what really came off as cruel.

Hopefully, I've learned something from this. Never, ever put anything in an email that I don't want everyone to see. It's like sending out your thoughts over the airwaves.

I have a relative who loves to gossip--seems like every time she is talking about someone, that someone pops up and is close enough to overhear what's being said. Embarrassing for my relative and for me when I've been the one she was talking to.
This amounts to about the same thing.

Learn something from this and don't go through what I went through. I feel sick--and though I've apologized, I know the person still feels bad too.

Not a good day.



Morgan Mandel said…
Sorry you had such a bad experience. It's human nature to complain, but yes we must be very careful that the person we complain about doesn't read what we have to say. I've been guilty of saying things in emails to close friends that I wouldn't want the person mentioned to read. I don't do it often, but when I do, I'm super careful and paranoid when I push the send button.

Morgan Mandel
Fortunately I've been forgiven--but I'll never forget how I felt.

~~Heidi~~ said…
I have done this, and I have learned my lesson too. It is hard to keep your mouth shut when you're a passionate person, but it truly is best to do so. I hope your incident has blown over. :)

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