California Crime Writers Conference

We traveled down to Pasadena on Saturday without incident, arriving at the hotel around 1 p.m. Hubby took a nap and I wandered around. Right off, I ran into Madeline Gorning, a new author friend who I will also see at the Public Safety Writers Conference. I was able to get my name tag and program book and ran into Naomi Hirahara, a wonderful writer and one of the coordinators of the event.

In the book room, I met a darling sixteen-year-old named Jade who had already bought Kindred Spirits. Yes, wonder of wonders, the book store had both that book and No Sanctuary.

I also ran into Gary Phillips and told him about buying and reading his latest book on Kindle.

There was a buffet that evening which hubby and I enjoyed. We sat with Madeline and Shelia Lowe--a forensic handwriting expert--who is going to be one of our speakers at the Public Safety Writers Association's conference this week.

Gayle Lynds, the thriller write, sat with us for awhile too. We reminisced about one of the first mystery cons held at a mountain retreat in the Soquel/Aptos area that we'd both gone too a couple of times--over 20 years ago.

My panel on e-publishing was the next morning at 9 a.m. Gary Phillips was the moderator--a very good one--and Marci Baum, an e-publisher and one of the acquisitions editors from Poisoned Pen Press was the other panelist. It was a lively panel and I think the audience learned a lot. My new young friend, Jade, was in the audience. The room was full.

We had a signing right afterward and I got to catch up with another old friend, Tom Griffith.

We left after the signing because we had to be home for an important church meeting by 4--and we just made it. I'm the church clerk and the one who takes minutes.

And once again we thank Mrs. Magellan for helping us find the freeway entrance.

I'm enjoying my Kindle, but it's much too easy to buy books. I have enough on there now to read for the next couple of months. And I know I'll be buying books at the PSWA conference.



Sounds like you had a productive conference, Marilyn. Always good to meet new friends and re-connect with old ones.
After talking about how easy it is to buy books on the Kindle, I received a book with three books in it from Simon and Schuster--big, thick women's books that I'm expected to read and review. Eeek!

That should have said I received a BOX with three books in it. Think I'm tired.


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