Going Off On a Totally Different Subject

Last week I helped out at Vacation Bible School. My great-grandson Aaron, who is only 13, was filling in for his grandpa who was sick, teaching the Bible Story class. He did great with the little kids, but he's really short--the same size or smaller that the two oldest classes--that's why he needed my help. We worked well together.

At the end of one of the stories--you can find it at the end of the book of John--there was a passage that really struck me. I'm sure I've read it before, but I certainly didn't remember it, probably because I was younger at the time.

What it says is when you're a young person you dress yourself and go where you please, but when you get old you must hold out your arms for someone else to dress you and go wherever anyone takes you.

How true is that? It immediately made me think of Aaron's other great-grandma who lives at his house. Once a vibrant lady, who worked in a factory for years, then cleaned houses for professional people well into her 80s, now 90 plus is suffering from dementia and must go wherever my granddaughter takes her. Sunday, before church, her daughter came to take her for two weeks and I don't think she had any idea what was going on.

Aaron and I talked about it and he asked who was going to take care of me when the time came. I told him I hoped that I could take care of myself until I died. I probably have a 50/50 chance. My mom was very independent until she reached her late 80's. She lived in the little house next door to us for several years, then moved in with my sis and lived there until she died--she dressed herself, but was no longer independent. Her sister, my aunt, is now 97 and still living alone. She no longer drives, but did until she was 95, but she has lots of friends who take her where she wants to go when she wants to go.

I took care of developmentally disabled women in my home (it was a licensed facility at the time) for 23 years, they ranged in age from 19 to 60, and though I only had to dress one young lady, I did a lot of supervising as far as what to wear. When it was time to go anywhere, no one wanted to stay home.

Because I'm in my mid-70's, that Bible passage really made me think. Hubby is approaching 80, but we still love to go. He can't climb on the roof anymore, would if I let him, but he can fix about anything--he's just a bit slower doing it.

We love to go to the movies and watch them at home. He's so supportive of my writing and likes to go help me at any selling event and gets a kick out of mystery cons and conferences.

I'm praying for many more years where I can dress myself and go where I want to go.



Mark Tabb said…
Very well said. I'm glad you deviated from the norm for today. Funny how different things look as we grow older.
Mary Welk said…
A very thoughtful post, Marilyn. I've read that Bible passage before, and it always makes me hope I can do for myself until the end. Letting go of your freedom isn't easy.
Marilyn, I'm positive that you and your hubby will still be hanging in there for many more decades to come. Enjoy!

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