I'm Back!

Because the hotel charged so much for the WiFi, I didn't bother to do anymore blogging.

The PSWA Conference was outstanding! I'm so pleased with how everything went.

At the moment, I'm exhausted and haven't unpacked all the goodies from the conference. I intend to put much of the information I learned into my blog as time goes on.

We had such wonderful people in attendance and the experts who share with us were so generous of their time.

I promise tomorrow I'll have much more to share.



Kathleen Ryan said…
Welcome home, Marilyn!

The conference was outstanding, and you should be commended for all of your hard work.

The speakers were inspiring, approachable, and imparted wisdom for writers of any level.

It was a pleasure to meet you and so many other members of PSWA.

I'm going to work on a blog posting for next Monday about the conference, too.

Thanks for sharing your insight and experience concerning promotion and electronic publishing.


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