Joyce Spizer-Foy on Screen Writing

Joyce's suggestion was when writing a screen play have the actor(s) in mind who you envision as playing the parts.

Don't put in any sound effects. Get rid of the word "up".

110 to 115 pages. One page equals one minute.

Dialogue nor more than four lines long.

Hero must be on the first page.

No typos or the script will go in the trash.

Use Final Draft or Movie Magic to learn how to format a screen play.

Don't date it, ET was shopped for 22 years!

Don't put any copy write information on the page.

Don't give the director or the actor stage directions.

Pump up the tension!

Scripts are hard to sell.

(I'm not interested in writing scripts, if you are, I suggest you take a class and get the software Joyce mentioned. I wouldn't mind having one of my books optioned though.)

a.k.a. F. M. Meredith


Remember that I only took notes, I know nothing about screenwriting.


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