My New Kindle

My new Kindle arrived and I was thrilled. I opened the package, read the directions, did what I was supposed to--and darn, the Whispernet which downloads the books doesn't work up here in where we live nestled between the mountains.

I should have guessed, the same thing happened with my wireless laptop. The only cell phones that work up here are with AT&T because we have and AT&T tower behind the post office in town.

Oh, I still use the laptop--take it with me when I go out of town so I can blog, write if I need to, and son on. Love it.

The Whispernet of the Kindle, of course, is associated with another wireless company.

So, last night, when I went to my Writing Critique group I took it with me. Everyone oohed and ahhed over my new gadget. I turned it on and viola, like magic, the books I'd purchased before I received the Kindle appeared like magic! Now I can read them up here in bed without being connected to Whispernet. Whenever I want to buy new books, I'll head to town for some errand or other and sit in a parking lot to download books.

I love it. It's light and a cinch to work with. Of course there are all sorts of features on it that I probably will never use--just like my Blackberry, I do email with it and use the phone once in awhile, and I do get on the Internet with it at times. Oh, it does work up here in the foothills because I have it with AT&T.

Now I can demonstrate it at my e-publishing panel Sunday morning in Pasadena at the California Crime Writers Conference and the following Sunday morning at my e-publishing workshop at the Public Safety Writers Association Conference.

Before you ask, most of my books are on Kindle already. I even bought two just to see how they looked on it.



Leann Sweeney said…
love my Kindle, too, but since I am on deadline, I MUST stay away from it. Books you can get in seconds are dangerous!
Since I can't get books when I'm home maybe I won't go crazy downloading books. I need to be writing too.


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